When to call 112?

Call Single Emergency Call Number 112 only in case of sudden real threat to life, health, safety, environment or property and when emergency services have instantly arrive to emergency location to provide immediate assistance, for instance when:

  • building, car, forest are on fire, the smoke comes out of the building etc.;
  • trapped people need to be rescued out of twisted vehicles, building ruins, fallen trees or installations;
  • someone has taken away Your wallet, bag, phone, etc.;
  • someone is attempting to hijack Your car;
  • someone is attempting to damage or destroy Your property;
  • You see serious car accident with people killed or injured;
  • You notice a man wanted by the police;
  • You see a fight;
  • You or people nearby you suffer from the violence;
  • You find a thing which looks similar to explosives;
  • You suspect the person is attempting to commit a suicide;
  • You see person lying on the ground who may be unconscious;
  • You are bleeding and cannot stop it Yourself;
  • a person is choking, is not able to breath;
  • a person suffers from an electric shock from lightning or electricity;
  • the equipment in use cut the limb or cause other injury.



If you've faced another emergency than listed above


call 112 to report it!


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