When NOT to call 112?

Single Emergency Call Number 112 is not intended to be called to report the situation, which obviously isn’t dangerous and when there's no real and immediate threat to life, health, safety, environment or property.

Do NOT call 112 if You:

  • want report non-existing accident just for fun;
  • have an intention to offend the operator;
  • just want to say You don’t need any assistance;
  • want to find out person’s or organization’s contacts (phone number, address, activity description, goods in stock or prices etc.);
  • want to know schedules of the public transport, trains or air flight information;
  • want to be connected with Lithuanian or foreign state phone subscriber;
  • want to call the taxi, even when their lines are busy;
  • want to know Your’s daily horoscope;
  • want to order flowers;
  • want to express your opinion about some politicians, other people or events;
  • want to complain that You are not allowed to enter the club, bar, café or casino or you are refused to get your clothes or other stuff back;
  • want to connect to the internet;
  • want to get a consultation from the physician or another medical specialist on the use of certain pharmaceuticals;
  • want to order to deliver pizza;
  • want to check if 112 really works.

Number 112 functions 24 hours a day 7 days a week all over Lithuania
in all public phone networks.


calling 112 with no need, You occupy the phone line, therefore a person who really needs assistance is not able to get through to report his emergency and the emergency services waste their resources, therefore they might be unavailable where they are needed at the most.


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